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          Manufacturer Directory of Apparel Factories: Clothing Industry Factory Directory

          The Apparel Search Manufacturers directory is the most practical way for sourcing managers to locate new suppliers.  The Apparel Search factory guide will help you source fashion producing factories from around the world.

          CMT Clothing Factories

          Components & Trimming


          clothing factories and apparel manufacturersApparel manufacturers are primarily engaged in the design, cutting and sewing of garments from fabric. Some manufacturers are contractors or subcontractors, which generally manufacture apparel from materials owned by other firms. Larger manufacturers often contract production to many such contractors or subcontractors in the U.S. and abroad. Some manufacturers are vertically integrated, producing the textiles from which they make garments, or even operating retail outlets.

          Our database is international and relates to all areas of the manufacturing process.  In this business to business database you will find factories that produce trimming as well as factories that produce completed garments.   When you think of garment production or factory sourcing, you should always think of Apparel Search.

          Clothing & textile industry factories are continuously added to our manufacturer database. 

          Produce clothing the smart way: Apparel Search USA.

          Our clothing factory directory provides the best way to locate manufacturers of clothing, fashion accessories, & textiles.  In addition to garment manufacturers, you will also find trim factories that manufacturer trimming such as zippers, yarn, thread, fabric, buttons, labels, hang tags, hangers, interlining, waistbands, packaging, price tickets, lace etc.  The Apparel Search database also contains clothing industry contractors that can aid you with embroidery, printing, dyeing, cutting, sewing etc.  We add new factory information as often as possible, if you know any good suppliers that we have misses, you are welcome to let us know.  Enjoy your search.

          Visit the Clothing Factories page to find a CMT factory to produce your clothing.

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          If you have questions regarding the process of manufacturing clothes, footwear, handbags, or other relevant accessories, you can join in the discussion at the Fashion Industry Network.  In the forum section you can find the appropriate area for commenting.

          Clothing Factory DirectoryCMT stands for Cut, Make, and Trim.  A factory that indicates that they provide C.M.T services is typically indicating that they fulfill the entire process from the point of obtaining fabric & other components to the finished product.  You should discuss with each facility if you have questions regarding what steps of the production process they will manage.

          If you plan to travel to visit factories, we suggest you visit our World Travel section.  In the travel section, you can find resources to help you locate the best prices on hotels and flights.  If you find better prices with your own travel agency, your should certainly use that service.  However, if you plan to travel to a clothing factory in the near future, we suggest you review our world travel section.